We manufacture high performance hand and machine grade stretch film, paper cores and tubes for the film and textile industry, polyethylene construction rolls, garbage bags and caution tapes.

Paper Cores

Paper Cores are used for used for winding various kinds of plastic films, textiles and papers. Our paper cores are being used by several reputed paper, textile and tissue paper mills around the UAE and GCC as well.

Stretch Films

Stretch film (wrap) is the ideal form of packaging for securing loose loads or bundling multiple items on a pallet or otherwise

Polythene Sheets

Our polythene sheets are made of a specially formulated blend of LDPE, LLDPE and other performance enhancing additives to meet the toughest requirements.

Detectable Warning Tapes

Non detectable warning tapes are used extensively for the identification and protection of buried cables and pipelines

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Caution Tapes at Maple leaf Plastics

Warning tapes as the name suggests are used in various applications for warning against danger and other hazards. They also come in detectable and undetectable varieties to identify underground structures such as electricity cables and water pipelines.

Maple Leaf, manufactures underground warning tapes to exceed the highest industry standards in terms of quality, optics and performance. Tapes are available in types, styles and sizes, also can be customized as per specifications.

What are Hazard warning tapes used for?

Hazard warning tape is brightly colored tape (often incorporating a two-tone pattern of alternating yellow-black or red-white stripes or the words "Warning" or "Danger" in prominent lettering) that is used to warn or catch the attention of passersby of an area or situation containing a possible hazard.

Why choose Hazard warning tapes from Maple leaf?

The tapes Maple Leaf make are UV, chemical and scratch resistant for advanced durability. We undertake bulk, export and custom orders at economy prices.

What are Detectable underground warning tapes used for?

Detectable Underground Warning Tape is used for accurately locating and preventing damage to valuable underground utility installations. It has an aluminum backing to make underground assets easy to find using a non-ferrous locator. Properly installed, this tape helps avoid catastrophically inaccurate digging when locating utilities such as electrical lines, gas pipes and communication cables.

Why choose Detectable Warning Tape from Maple Leaf?

Maple Leaf’s tapes:
  • Endures temperatures forms - 50C to 120C
  • Permanently imprinted with black ink
  • Durable laminate construction
  • Private labeling, UPC coding and other custom packaging requirements available

What are Undetectable underground warning tapes used for?

Undetectable Underground cable Warning Tape prevents damage to underground utility lines during excavation. Following code parameters, bury this tape above electrical lines, gas pipes, communication cables and other utility installations. Resistant to underground elements, this heavy metal-free, co-extruded polyethylene tape serves as a highly visible proximity device that will not turn black over time.

Why Choose Maple leaf Undetectable Underground Warning Tape?

Our tapes are made of premium grade polyethylene and are resistance to all subsoil chemicals, oils, acids and alkalis. These tapes are used for a variety of cables and pipelines which are distinguishable by their respective color codes.

You can buy any of these tapes at Maple Leaf Plastic’s online store, we are specialized in offering great savings to our customers by creating customized solutions to suit their individual needs. We offer annual contracts, flexible purchase plans, product-bundling options and swift delivery timelines to make sure that your business is able to reduce its costs and meet its commitments.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Stretch Films

Stretch film (wrap) is the ideal form of packaging for securing loose loads or bundling multiple items on a pallet or otherwise. Many consumers do not realize that stretch films play an important part in delivering and transporting most products that they eat, use, display and store. Unfortunately, the end-user rarely sees the stretch film these products are wrapped with.

Stretch wraps are popularly used for unitizing, bundling and palletizing of goods as it provides improved stability to products and packages and offers more efficient handling and storage of unit loads.

Stretch wraps commonly come in two types: Manual/Hand wrap and Automatic/Machine Wrap. Manual wrap film is generally about 15%-30% thinner than automatic wrap film so that it can be easily applied by hand. Automatic/Machine wrap film is meant to be applied using automatic industrial stretch-wrappers for high volume packaging.

Maple Leaf Plastic Industry LLC provides both quality and reliable Manual and Automatic Stretch Wraps. The quality and reliability of stretch films are very important as stretch films have to be stretched tightly around the objects so they are stiffly secured and should be reliable of not loosening up after a long duration.

Hence to buy finest Stretch films online, visit

Friday, 14 August 2015

Maple Leaf’s Hi-Quality Plastic Bags:

Infrastructure, ambiance, maintenance or project work; you name it, Maple Leaf leads in providing services which you require to complete your home or office tasks. There are days of construction and there are times of developments. All these procedures require materials, adhesives, tools, equipments and systems to keep everything and everyone along. 

Plastic bags remain one of the most wanted products to date due to its ease in collection, order, carriage and disposal. Maple Leaf produces hi quality decomposable bags which could be used and taken care of easily.

Although the issue of plastic bags remain in the world as the one causing problems of global warming and the most controversial one but the materials made in our bags is non toxic and is environmentally safe. The sturdy safe bags offer enough space and area for the material to be collected especially in large organizational setups like hotels and restaurants.

Similarly these plastic bags are a great demand in super markets for which we offer customized services depending on their likes. The handles are designed according to the preferred manner keeping in mind the ease of the user. Maple Leaf caters to a large number of organizations who demand these plastic bags. The feedback of our work has always been satisfactory which proves our ever ascending graph of performance and turnover.

The number of clients of plastic bags has shown an escalating trend especially after the green revolution. The chemistry of our plastic bags is devoid of materials which cause havoc to the environment and are recyclable. Hence restaurants, hotels and supermarkets rely on our stuff for environmentally safe operations. We have been appreciated time and again for producing quality stuff from our various clients in forms of many approvals and appreciations.

For customized plastic bags all you need to do is give your specifications and we shall entertain your requirements in the most apt fashion possible.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Maple Leaf: Packaging it all the way!

Well as they if everyone is going to construct and manufacture, who is going to ensure the packaging? Goods are processed, planned, assembled and manufactured but that’s no way an end to it. Goods and products once manufactured need to be packaged and delivered to their respective destinations.

Yes packaging it is! Packaging is now the 5th P in the prior famous 4 P’s of marketing. It definitely has an essential place, for how you present your goods speaks volumes about your knack for finesse, the value you, yourself place on your product and of course the final arrangement of your hard work.

All these factors are extremely important for your appearance is the first thing that catches the eye of the person. Like the way you dress up and carry yourself could please or cause displeasure to someone, in the same token a haphazardly package product devalues your product in the eye of your consumer.

The most crucial and integral aspect however of packaging industrial items; which are carried and transported at a long distance is its strength and reliable quality. The packaging material must be of the standard which supports and most of all safeguards its content. While the transportation of the goods, zero damage to the product should be the aim of packaging. Hence it is a prime concern the manner in which the packaging material is manufactured. The raw materials used, and the engineering process should ensure top quality of inputs to maximize the value it has and offers to other products.

Starting formally the operations in 2012; Maple Leaf has occupied a significant place in the industry of heavy industrial packaging. Ranging from a wide variety of hi quality packaging instruments like tapes, stretch films and garbage bags, Maple Leaf today holds a major chunk of the packaging industrial market.