Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Stretch Films

Stretch film (wrap) is the ideal form of packaging for securing loose loads or bundling multiple items on a pallet or otherwise. Many consumers do not realize that stretch films play an important part in delivering and transporting most products that they eat, use, display and store. Unfortunately, the end-user rarely sees the stretch film these products are wrapped with.

Stretch wraps are popularly used for unitizing, bundling and palletizing of goods as it provides improved stability to products and packages and offers more efficient handling and storage of unit loads.

Stretch wraps commonly come in two types: Manual/Hand wrap and Automatic/Machine Wrap. Manual wrap film is generally about 15%-30% thinner than automatic wrap film so that it can be easily applied by hand. Automatic/Machine wrap film is meant to be applied using automatic industrial stretch-wrappers for high volume packaging.

Maple Leaf Plastic Industry LLC provides both quality and reliable Manual and Automatic Stretch Wraps. The quality and reliability of stretch films are very important as stretch films have to be stretched tightly around the objects so they are stiffly secured and should be reliable of not loosening up after a long duration.

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